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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)

Chapter II : Application of Act and minimum requirements

3C. Registration and grading of officers


1) The chief executive officer shall, if satisfied that a person referred to in section 3B complies with the prescribed competency and registration requirements in respect of the specific application category, register such person in the prescribed manner: Provided that the chief executive officer shall grade an examiner of vehicles or an examiner for driving licences according to his or her qualifications in the prescribed manner.


2) No person shall be registered or remain registered in terms of subsection (1) as –
a) an examiner of vehicles if he or she has or acquires a direct or indirect financial interest in the manufacturing, selling, rebuilding, repairing or modifying of motor vehicles; or
b) an inspector of licences, an examiner for driving licences or a traffic officer if he or she, or through his or her spouse or partner has or acquires a direct or indirect financial or other related interest in any driving school or in the training or instruction of or supervision of learner drivers: Provided that the chief executive officer may register a person in terms of subsection (1) notwithstanding the provisions of this subsection.


3) Any act by a person in the execution of his or her powers or in the performance of his or her duties whilst he or she was incompetent by reason of the provisions of subsection (2), shall not be invalid for such reason only.


4) Any person registered as a traffic officer for a province in terms of subsection (1), shall be deemed to be registered, for any other province.