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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)

Chapter II : Application of Act and minimum requirements

3. Appointment of registering authorities


1) For the purposes of this Act, the Shareholders Committee shall, in consultation with the relevant MEC and by notice in the Gazette, appoint a registering authority for the area and on the conditions it determines from time to time.


2) The Shareholders Committee, in consultation with the relevant MEC, may combine the area of any registering authority or any portion thereof with the area of another registering authority, may divide the area of a registering authority into areas for two or more registering authorities, and may appoint a registering authority for a new area.


3) Where, from or after a specific date, a registering authority, in this subsection referred to as a new registering authority, becomes the registering authority for an area previously under the jurisdiction of another registering authority, including a registering authority appointed under a repealed law or ordinance, any reference in this Act or a repealed law or ordinance to such other registering authority shall, from or after such date, be construed as a reference to such new registering authority.


4) The powers and duties conferred or imposed upon a registering authority by or in terms of this Act shall be exercised or performed on behalf of that registering authority by the persons authorised thereto by the registering authority.


5) If the Shareholders Committee decides that circumstances warrant such a step, the chief executive officer may execute the functions, or appoint an agent to execute the functions, of a registering authority whose service delivery, collection of payment or management fall short of the standards set in respect of business groups by the Road Traffic Management Corporation Act, 1999.