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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)

Chapter IV : Fitness of drivers

27. Cancellation or amendment of endorsement on licence


1) Where the holder of a licence –
a) authorising the driving of a motor vehicle in the Republic; and
b) on which an endorsement in terms of section 18(4) or a similar endorsement by a competent authority in a prescribed territory has been effected, is of the opinion that there are circumstances justifying the cancellation or amendment of such endorsement, he or she may apply to the chief executive officer for the cancellation or amendment of such endorsement.


a) An application under subsection (1) shall be accompanied by –
i) the licence concerned or, in the case where it is contained in an identity document, that document;
ii) a statement by the applicant setting forth the reasons for the application.
b) The chief executive officer shall issue the applicant with a receipt for such licence or document, which shall be deemed to be sufficient for the purposes of section 12(b).


3) Upon receipt of an application under subsection (1) the chief executive officer may, for the purpose of the consideration thereof –
a) require the applicant to submit such further statement or document; or
b) take such other steps, as the chief executive officer may deem expedient.


4) If an application under subsection (1) –
a) is refused by the chief executive officer, he or she shall notify the applicant accordingly and return the licence or identity document concerned to him or her; or
b) is granted by the chief executive officer, he or she shall –
i) cancel the licence and issue or authorise the issue of a new licence in the prescribed manner without endorsement or reflecting the amended endorsement, as the case may be; and
ii) notify the authority which issued the licence accordingly.