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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)

Chapter IV : Fitness of drivers

16. Failure to disclose disqualification in respect of licence authorising driving of motor vehicle prohibited


1) No person shall, when applying for a learner's or driving licence, wilfully fail to disclose any disqualification to which he or she is subject in terms of section 15.


2) Any person who –
a) is the holder of a licence authorising the driving of a motor vehicle in terms of this Chapter; and
b) becomes aware thereof that he or she is disqualified from holding such licence, shall, within a period of 21 days after having so become aware of the disqualification, submit the licence or, in the case where it is contained in an identity document, that document to the chief executive officer.


3) When a licence is submitted in terms of subsection (2) the chief executive officer shall cancel it and if the licence was issued in a prescribed territory he or she shall notify the authority which issued it of the cancellation:Provided that if the chief executive officer is satisfied that the holder thereof is competent to drive the class of motor vehicle concerned with the aid of glasses, an artificial limb or any other physical aid, the chief executive officer shall, in the case where the licence –
a) is contained in an identity document –
i) not cancel the licence, but endorse the licence accordingly and such endorsement shall be a condition subject to which the licence is held;
ii) return the identity document to the holder thereof; or
iii) is not contained in an identity document, issue or authorise the issue of a new licence in the prescribed manner reflecting the conditions on which it is issued.