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National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)

National Credit Regulations, 2006

Chapter 2 : Registration Requirements, Criteria and Procedures

Part C : Debt Counsellor

10. Further criteria for registration as a debt counsellor


A person who applies for registration as a debt counsellor must meet the following further requirements—

(a) Education:
(i) a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent Level 4 qualification issued by the South African Qualifications Authority; and
(ii) successful completion of a debt counselling course approved by the National Credit Regulator and provided by an institution approved by the National Credit Regulator.
(b) Experience and Competence:
(i) a minimum of two years working experience in any of the following fields—
(aa) consumer protection, complaints resolution or consumer advisory service;
(bb) legal or para-legal services;
(cc) accounting or financial services;
(dd) education or training of individuals;
(ee) counselling of individuals; or
(ff) general business environment.
(ii) demonstrated ability to:
(aa) manage his/her own finances at the time of applying for registration; and
(bb) provide counselling or transfer skills.