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National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)


Regulations for matters relating to the functions of the Tribunal and Rules for the conduct of matters before the National Consumer Tribunal

Part C : Applications

12. lnterventions by application


(1) An intervention other than in terms of rule 11 (1) must be—
(a) by application on Form Tl.rl2:
(b) served on the Applicant and every other party on whom the application in the principal matter was served; and

[Rule 12(1)(b) substituted by rule 12 of Notice 428 of 2011, GG 34405, dated 29 June 2011]

(c) filed with the Registrar.


(2) The application to intervene must include a concise statement of the nature of the interest of the Applicant in the proceedings and the aspect on which the Applicant will make representations.


(3) The presiding member in the principal matter may at his or her discretion—
(a) grant the application to intervene without a hearing;
(b) hear the application concurrently with the principal matter; or
(c) hear the application before the principal matter.