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National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)

Chapter 4 : Consumer Credit Policy

Part A : Consumer Rights

62. Right to reasons for credit being refused


(1) On request from a consumer, a credit provider must advise that consumer in writing of the dominant reason for—
(a) refusing to enter into a credit agreement with that consumer;
(b) offering that consumer a lower credit limit under a credit facility than applied for by the consumer, or reducing the credit limit under an existing credit facility;
(c) refusing a request from the consumer to increase a credit limit under an existing credit facility; or
(d) refusing to renew an expiring credit card or similar renewable credit facility with that consumer.


(2) When responding to a request in terms of subsection (1), a credit provider who has based its decision on an adverse credit report received from a credit bureau must advise the consumer in writing of the name, address and other contact particulars of that credit bureau.


(3) On application by a credit provider, the Tribunal may make an order limiting the credit provider’s obligation in terms of this section if the Tribunal is satisfied that the consumer’s requests for information are frivolous or vexatious.