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National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)

Chapter 2 : Consumer Credit Institutions

Part B : National Consumer Tribunal

29. Term of office of members of Tribunal


(1) Each member of the Tribunal serves for a term of five years.


(2) The President may re-appoint a member of the Tribunal at the expiry of that member's term of office, but no person may be appointed to the office of the Chairperson of the Tribunal for more than two consecutive terms.


(3) The Chairperson, on one month written notice addressed to the Minister, may—
(a) resign from the Tribunal; or
(b) resign as Chairperson, but remain as a member of the Tribunal.


(4) A member of the Tribunal other than the Chairperson may resign by giving at least one month written notice to the Minister.


(5) The President, on the recommendation of the Minister—
(a) must remove the Chairperson or any other member of the Tribunal from office if that person becomes subject to any of the disqualifications referred to in section 26(5); and

[Subsection (5)(a) substituted by section 7 of Act No. 19 of 2014]

(b) other than as provided for in paragraph (a), may remove the Chairperson or a member from office only for—
(i) serious misconduct;
(ii) permanent incapacity; or
(iii) engaging in any activity that may undermine the integrity of the Tribunal