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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Regulations relating to Society Lotteries

4. Nature and requirements of scheme concerning society lotteries



The scheme contemplated in section 38(c) of the Act shall specify-

a) the address of the office or head office of the society;
b) the society’s registration number issued by the Board upon application contemplated in regulation 3;
c) the name of the person responsible for conducting the society lottery;
d) the purpose for which the society lottery shall be conducted;
e) that the society has adequate resources to conduct the society lottery in accordance with sound financial principles and methods;
f) the prizes to be won in the society lottery;
g) a detailed description of the manner in which the finalist or finalists, if any, and the winner or winners of the society lottery, as the case may be, shall be determined and the date, time and place thereof;
h) the manner in or by which finalist or finalists and the winner or winners, as the case may be, shall be notified of the outcome of the draw or draws or other process of determining a winner or winners;
i) the place where and the manner in which participants in the society lottery may obtain information in respect of the outcome of the lottery;
j) the price of a ticket sold in aid of the society lottery;
k) the number and total value of tickets to be sold in the society lottery;
l) the name of the person who is responsible and accountable for the financial management of the society lottery;
m) who the beneficiaries of the society lottery are, what benefit they will receive and what needs the benefits will meet;
n) the date of the approval of the society lottery scheme by the society and proof of such approval;
o) the categories of persons to whom and by whom society lotteries tickets may not be sold, if any; and
p) procedures for dealing with unclaimed prizes.