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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Regulations relating to Society Lotteries

3. Further information concerning registration of societies



In addition to the particulars referred to in section 41(1) of the Act, when applying for registration, a society shall in such application-

a) state the names and addresses of the executive management of the society;
b) state the name and address of the society’s auditor or bookkeeper;
c) furnish a statement pertaining to the society’s financial state of affairs and business;
d) confirm that the society’s income and property are not distributable to its members or managers, except as reasonable compensation for services rendered;
e) indicate whether the society’s financial transactions are conducted by means of a banking account, and details thereof;
f) state the date for the end of the society’s financial year;
g) indicate whether it is a body corporate and has an identity and existence distinct from its members or managers;
h) state the purposes for which the society was established;
i) confirm that the society shall keep proper accounting records in order to comply with section 46(3)(a) of the Act;
j) indicate whether provision has been made for the society’s continued existence notwithstanding changes in the composition of its membership or management;
k) state whether the members or managers have any rights in the property or other assets of the society solely by virtue of their being members or managers;
l) specify the powers of the society;
m) specify the organisational structures and mechanisms for its governance;
n) set out the rules for convening and conducting meetings, including quorums required for and the minutes to be kept at those meetings;
o) indicate the manner in which decisions are to be made;
p) set out the procedure for changing its constitution and indicate if, how and why its constitution has been amended in the two years immediately prior to the date of this application for registration;
q) set out the procedure by which the society may be wound up or dissolved;
r) indicate whether any asset remaining after all its liabilities have been met, when it is being wound up or dissolved, must be transferred to another society having similar objectives;
s) state whether the society has been registered previously in terms of the Act and whether application for such registration was refused or whether such registration has been suspended or revoked or has expired; and
t) attach a copy of the society’s constitution.