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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Regulations relating to Society Lotteries

2. Rules of society lotteries



1) The finalist or finalists of a society lottery shall be chosen in the manner determined by the person who conducts that society lottery.
2) Any decision by the person who conducts the society lottery with regard to the determination of a finalist or finalists in a society lottery is final.
3) The rules of a society lottery shall specify if prizes may be exchanged for cash.
4) The closing date of the society lottery and the date and place of the draw or draws shall be determined before commencing with that society lottery.
5) Every prize to be won in a society lottery shall upon conclusion of that society lottery be awarded to a winner or winners.
6) The person who conducts a society lottery may prescribe such reasonable and lawful conditions as may be necessary for participation in a society lottery.


b) The rules of a society lottery shall further provide for the proper monitoring of any draw in that society lottery.