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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Regulations Regarding Promotional Competitions, 2002

3. Nature of prizes



1) A promoter may not offer or award goods, services or benefits as prizes to a participant in a promotional competition
a) In respect of which the sale, possession, use, distribution, rendering or delivery is unlawful;
b) which are substantially similar to goods, services or benefits offered or awarded as prizes in a competition, game or sports pool conducted by or on behalf of the National Lottery during the period in which that promotional competitions being held;
c) in respect of which the possession, use, rendering, distribution or delivery is dependent on the payment of a fee or any other consideration to any person in order to fully possess or use the prize;
d) in respect of which any licence, approval, endorsement, sanction, consent, agreement or any form of authorisation by-
i) any organ of state:
ii) a person's legal guardian; or
iii) any other person,

is required for the lawful possession or use of those goods, services or benefits; or

e) if, subject to subregulation (2) the winner of the prize is expected or obliged to endorse, promote or advertise the goods or services of the promoter, unless that winner after being publicly announced as a winner of the promotional competition is informed of such in writing and in writing consents to endorse, promote or advertise the goods or services of the promoter.


2) If the winner referred to in subregulation (l)(e) is a person under the age of 18 years, any consent given by that person is not sufficient without the written consent of that person's legal guardian.