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Lotteries Act, 1997 (Act No. 57 of 1997)

Part I : The National Lottery

Chapter 1 : National Lotteries Board

3C. Confidentiality and restraint of trade



(1) A board member may not use his or her position or privileges, or confidential information obtained as a member of the board, for personal gain or to improperly benefit another person.


(2) A member of the board or his or her spouse, life partner, immediate family member or business partner or associate, may not during the time of his or her membership of the board or for a period of 24 months after the termination or expiry of such membership, take up employment or in any way receive any benefit from any person who received a grant or intends to apply or has applied in terms of section 13, for a licence to conduct the National Lottery.


(3) The Minister may, after consultation with the board, institute disciplinary proceedings against any board member who fails or refuses to comply with or contravenes this section.


(4) Despite any provision of this Act the Minister may, after consultation with the board, consider whether such contravention is likely to compromise the impartiality of such a person and inform such a person of his or her decision which may include but is not limited to—
(a) suspending such a person pending any further investigations;
(b) instituting a disciplinary inquiry to probe such conflict or circumstance; or
(c) terminating the membership of such a person.


[Section 3D inserted by section 6 of Act No. 32 of 2013]