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GT Shield

Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (Act No. 38 of 2001)


Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Control Regulations

Chapter 6 : Miscellaneous

28. Guidance


(1) The Centre may issue guidance concerning—
(a) the application of a risk-based approach to establish and verify the identity of a client;
(aA) customer due diligence measures;
(aB) the duty to keep records;
(aC) financial sanctions;
(b) reporting duties;
(bA) registration;
(bB) any obligations imposed on supervisory bodies under the Act; and
(c) any other obligations imposed on accountable institutions under the Act.


(2) Guidance referred to in subregulation (1) may differ for different accountable institutions or persons, or categories of accountable institutions or persons and different categories of transactions.


[Regulation 28 substituted by regulation 17 of Notice No. R. 1062 of 2017]