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Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (Act No. 38 of 2001)


Guidance Note 3

Guidance for Banks on Customer Identification and Verification and Related Matters

Establishing and Verifying Identities

Natural Persons - South African Citizens and Residents

7. Clarification of whether the address slip found in identity documents issued by the Department of Home Affairs provides adequate proof of verification of residential address


Regulation 4(3) of the Regulations requires that a bank use "information which can reasonably be expected to achieve" verification of an address. It is the view of the Centre that the address slips issued by the Department of Home Affairs do not constitute information that can reasonably be expected to achieve verification of a person's current address. The Centre does not regard these address slips as independent source documents. In addition, the information contained in an address slip may be outdated and, therefore, may not reflect current information.