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Chapter 4 : Compliance and Enforcement

[Chapter 4 heading substituted by section 16(a) of the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act, 2008 (Act No. 11 of 2008)]


45A. Appointment of inspectors

45B. Inspections

45C. Administrative sanctions

45D. Appeal

45E. Establishment of appeal board

45F. Application to court

46. Failure to identify persons

46A. Failure to comply with duty in regard to customer due diligence

47. Failure to keep records

48. Destroying or tampering with records

49. Failure to give assistance

49A. Contravention of prohibitions relating to persons and entities identified by Security Council of United Nations

50. Failure to advise Centre of client

51. Failure to report cash transactions

51A. Failure to report property associated with terrorist and related activities and financial sanctions pursuant to Resolutions of United Nations Security Council

52. Failure to report suspicious or unusual transactions

53. Unauthorised disclosure

54. Failure to report conveyance of cash or bearer negotiable instrument into or out of Republic

55. Failure to send report to Centre

56. Failure to report electronic transfers

57. Failure to comply with request

58. Failure to comply with directives

59. Failure to comply with monitoring order

60. Misuse of information

61. Failure to formulate and implement internal rules

61A. Failure to register with Centre

62. Failure to provide training or appoint compliance officer

62A. Offences relating to inspection

62B. Hindering or obstructing appeal board

62C. Failure to attend when summoned

62D. Failure to answer fully or truthfully

63. Obstructing of official in performance of functions

64. Conducting transactions to avoid reporting duties

65. Unauthorised access to computer system or application or data

66. Unauthorised modification of contents of computer system

67. Definitions

68. Penalties

69. Defences

70. Search, seizure and forfeiture

71. Jurisdiction of courts