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Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (Act No. 38 of 2001)

Chapter 3 : Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorist and Related Activities and Financial Sanctions Control Measures

Part 5 : Referral and supervision

44. Referral of suspected offences to investigating authorities and other public bodies


If the Centre in the performance of its functions has reasonable grounds to suspect that an accountable institution, or any other person other than a supervisory body who is subject to the provisions of this Act, has contravened or failed to comply with any provision of this Act or any rule or guideline applicable to that accountable institution or person which facilitates compliance with this Act, it may, if it considers it appropriate to do so, refer the matter to—

(a) a relevant investigating authority; or
(b) an appropriate supervisory body or other public body or authority affected by it, together with any recommendation the Centre considers appropriate.