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Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998)

Code of Good Practice

Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of the Employment Equity Plan (EE Plan)

7. Developing the EE Plan


The employer must consult and attempt to reach consensus on the development of the EE Plan (EEA13) by taking the following into account—

(a) Analysis report (EEA12).
(b) National and provincial Economically Active Population (EAP)
(c) Determining the duration of the EE Plan.
(d) Determining the annual objectives of the EE Plan.
(e) Corrective measures formulated, including goals and targets.
(f) Time frames established.
(g) The EE Plan drawn up in terms of section 20 of the Act.
(h) Resources identified and allocated for the implementation of the EE Plan.
(i) The EE Plan communicated.


7.1 Analysis Report

7.2 Duration of EE Plan

7.3 Objectives of the EE Plan

7.4 Numerical goals and numerical targets

7.5 Affirmative action measures

7.6 Consensus

7.7 Resources

7.8 Assignment of responsibility

7.9 Dispute Resolution

7.10 Monitoring and Evaluating the EE Plan

7.11 Communication