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Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998)

Code of Good Practice

Integration of Employment Equity into Human Resource Policies and Practices

1. Foreword


The Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998 ("the Act") imposes a duty on employers to eliminate unfair discrimination. It also provides a framework for the attraction, development, the advancement and retention of an employer's human resource talent. Research has shown that employers can increase productivity, motivation and resourcefulness in the workplace when they invest in their people and treat them with fairness and equity. This is secured by eliminating the historical barriers that prevent the advancement of the designated groups (Black people including African, Coloured and Indian, Women and People with Disabilities). This ensures that positive or affirmative action measures are in place to expedite their growth and advancement.


In the context of challenges of a compounded diverse global economy and constraints around infrastructure, skills, poverty, unemployment and service delivery, employers are increasingly aware that having racial, gender and disability diversity is key to business growth and development. Sustaining this growth requires ongoing commitment toward eliminating barriers, including skills development, in its general and specific forms. Some of the main challenges for employers include; attracting, managing, developing and retaining talent in the workforce through effective human resource management. In this context, the implementation of effective employment equity strategies will assist employers to maximise human resource development through the eliminating unfair discrimination and barriers and by promoting affirmative action. This Code provides guidelines to assist employers in implementing these initiatives.