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Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998)

Code of Good Practice

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

3. Status of the Code


3.1 The Code is neither an authoritative summary of the law, nor does it create additional rights and obligations. It does however obligate employers with the responsibility to affirm the rights of persons with disabilities in the workplace, and further serves as a guide for any Court or tribunal to consider when interpreting or applying the Act.


3.2 The Code should be read in conjunction with the Act, its regulations and any other relevant Code of Good Practice issued by the Minister of Labour.


3.3 The Code must be implemented in a manner that is sensitive to the fact that every person is unique and each situation may differ. It, therefore, follows that where reasonable and justifiable, the Code should be adapted to give effect to its intention.


3.4 Employers, employees and their organizations must use the Code to develop, implement and refine disability equity policies and programmes to suit the needs of their own workplaces.