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Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998)

Code of Good Practice

Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of Employment Equity Plans

9. Monitoring and evaluating the plan


9.1) Records should be kept to effectively monitor and evaluate the plan.


9.2) Mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan should be agreed and include benchmarks that would permit assessment of reasonable progress.


9.3) The plan should be evaluated at regular intervals to ensure that reasonable progress is made. This evaluation should be integrated into mechanisms that the employer normally utilises to monitor its operations.


9.4) The consultative forum(s) should continue to meet on a regular basis. and should receive progress reports. Progress should be recorded and communicated to employees. Such meetings should take place at reasonable intervals to ensure feedback and inform the ongoing implementation process.


9.5) The plan should be reviewed and revised, as necessary, through consultation.


9.6) Reporting 12


9.6.1) Larger employers, with 150 or more employees, will be required to submit first reports by 1 June 2000 and thereafter annually on the first working day of October, starting in 2001.


9.6.2) Smaller employers, with fewer than 150 employees, will be required to submit their first reports by 1 December 2000 and thereafter every second year, on the first working day of October, starting in 2002.


9.6.3) The reporting format for employers is contained in the Employment Equity Report as defined in form EEA 2.


9.6.4) Designated employers whose operations extend across different geographical areas, functional units, workplaces or industry sectors may elect to submit either a consolidated or a separate report for each of these. This decision should be made by employers after consultation with the relevant stakeholders.


12. See section 21 of the Act.