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Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998)

Code of Good Practice

Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of Employment Equity Plans

6. Process for constructing a plan


6.1) The development of a plan should be undertaken as an inclusive process that will result in a documented plan.


6.2) The process of developing a plan has three sequential phases: planning, development, and implementation and monitoring.


6.3) The planning phase of the process should include--
assignment of responsibility and accountability to one or more senior managers;
a communication, awareness and training programme;
consultation with relevant stakeholders;
an analysis of existing employment policies, procedures. and practices;
an analysis of the existing workforce profile;
an analysis of relevant demographic information such as that contained in form EEA 8; and
an appropriate benchmarking exercise, such as comparing the organisation’s workforce profile with those of other organisations within the same sector, or the development of other meaningful comparisons.


6.4) In the development phase, in consultation with the identified role players, should include--
objectives set;
corrective measures formulated;
time frames established;
the plan drawn up;
resources identified and allocated for the implementation of the plan; and
the plan communicated.


6.5) Implementation and monitoring is an ongoing process and should continue to include components of the earlier phases, such as consultation, communication, awareness and training. This phase should include--
monitoring and evaluating progress;
reviewing the plan; and
reporting on progress.