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Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998)

Chapter V : Monitoring, Enforcement and Legal Proceedings

Part A:  Enforcement

43. Review by Director-General


(1) The Director-General may conduct a review to determine whether an employer is complying with this Act.


(2) In order to conduct the review the Director-General may—
(a) request an employer to submit to the Director-General a copy of its current analysis or employment equity plan;
(b) request an employer to submit to the Director-General any book, record, correspondence, document or information that could reasonably be relevant to the review of the employer's compliance with this Act;
(c) request a meeting with an employer to discuss its employment equity plan, the implementation of its plan and any matters related to its compliance with this Act; or
(d) request a meeting with any—
(i) employee or trade union consulted in terms of section 16;
(ii) workplace forum; or
(iii) other person who may have information relevant to the review.