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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)


Cryptography Regulations

2. Particulars to identify and locate cryptography providers of their products or services


In addition to the information required in section 29 of the Act, an application for registration must—

(a) contain the following particulars to identify and locate the cryptography provider:
(i) Telephone and fax number, web site and e-mail address;
(ii) the constitutive documents of the applicant which are, in the case of a legal person, certified copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, certificate of incorporation, founding statement, partnership agreement or trust deed, and in the case of a natural person, a certified copy of his or her ID book or passport, as the case may be;
(iii) detailed profiles of trusted personnel of the applicant that have supervisory or managerial responsibilities;
(b) contain the following particulars to identify and locate the cryptography provider's products or services:
(i) physical address where a cryptography product is or will be produced, manufactured, created or distributed from;
(ii) physical address where a cryptography service is or will be rendered, delivered, sold, made available or distributed from;
(iii) full details of cryptography operations outsourced;
(iv) name, address and contact details of any other cryptography provider that provides a cryptography service or product to the cryptography provider;
(v) if the cryptography provider is a certification service provider, its certification practice statement and certificate policy;
(c) contain the particulars required by section 29 of the Act and paragraph (a) of this regulation, to identify and locate an entity to whom cryptography operations have been outsourced;
(d) contain particulars indicating whether the cryptography provider provides encrypted bugging and debugging equipment.