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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Chapter X : Domain Name Authority and Administration

Part 5 : Regulations

68. Regulations regarding Authority


The Authority may, with the approval of the Minister, make regulations regarding—

(a) the requirements which registries and registrars must meet in order to be licensed, including objective standards relating to operational accuracy, stability, robustness and efficiency;
(b) the circumstances and manner in which registrations may be assigned, registered, renewed, refused, or revoked by the registries with due regard to the express recognition of the right of groups and members of groups within the Republic to identify with, use or communicate cultural, linguistic, geographical, indigenous or any other expressions of heritage including any visual or audible elements or attributes thereof;
(c) pricing policy;
(d) provisions for the restoration of a domain name registration and penalties for late payments;
(e) the terms of the domain name registration agreement which registries and registrars must adopt and use in registering domain names, including issues in respect of privacy, consumer protection and alternative dispute resolution;
(f) processes and procedures to avoid unfair and anti-competitive practices, including bias to, or preferential treatment of actual or prospective registrants, registries or registrars, protocols or products;
(g) requirements to ensure that each domain name contains an administrative and technical contact;
(h) the creation of new sub-domains;
(i) procedures for ensuring monitoring of compliance with the provisions of this Act and the regulations provided for in this Chapter, including regular .za domain name space technical audits;
(j) such other matters relating to the .za domain name space as it may be necessary to prescribe to achieve the objectives of this Chapter; and
(k) policy to be applied by the Authority.