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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Chapter X : Domain Name Authority and Administration

Part 3 : Functions of Authority

65. Functions of Authority


(1) The Authority must—
(a) administer and manage the .za domain name space;
(b) comply with international best practice in the administration of the .za domain name space;
(c) license and regulate registries;
(d) license and regulate registrars for the respective registries; and
(e) publish guidelines on—
(i) the general administration and management of the .za domain name space;
(ii) the requirements and procedures for domain name registration; and
(iii) the maintenance of and public access to a repository,

with due regard to the policy directives which the Minister may make from time to time by notice in the Gazette.


(2) The Authority must enhance public awareness on the economic and commercial benefits of domain name registration.


(3) The Authority—
(a) may conduct such investigations as it may consider necessary;
(b) must conduct research into and keep abreast of developments in the Republic and elsewhere on the domain name system;
(c) must continually survey and evaluate the extent to which the .za domain name space meets the needs of the citizens of the Republic; and
(d) may, from time to time, issue information on the registration of domain names in the Republic.


(4) The Authority may, and must when so requested by the Minister, make recommendations to the Minister in relation to policy on any matter relating to the .za domain name space.


(5) The Authority must continually evaluate the effectiveness of this Act and things done in terms thereof towards the management of the .za domain name space.


(6) The Authority may—
(a) liaise, consult and co-operate with any person or other authority; and
(b) appoint experts and other consultants on such conditions as the Authority may determine.


(7) The Authority must respect and uphold the vested rights and interests of parties that were actively involved in the management and administration of the .za domain name space at the date of its establishment: Provided that—
(a) such parties must be granted a period of six months during which they may continue to operate in respect of their existing delegated sub-domains; and
(b) after the expiry of the six-month period, such parties must duly apply to be licensed registrars and registries as provided for in this Part.