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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Chapter X : Domain Name Authority and Administration

Part 2 : Governance and staffing of Authority

62. Board of directors of Authority


(1) The Authority is managed and controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of nine directors, one of whom is the chairperson.


(2) The process of appointment is the following—
(a) The Minister must appoint an independent selection panel consisting of five persons, who command public respect for their fair mindedness, wisdom and understanding of issues concerning the Internet, culture, language, academia and business, the names of whom must be placed in a notice in the Gazette;
(b) the Minister must invite nominations for members of the Board from the public through newspapers which have general circulation throughout the Republic, on-line news services, radio and by notice in the Gazette;
(c) nominations must be made to the panel established in terms of paragraph (a);
(d) the panel must recommend to the Minister names of nine persons to be appointed to the Board taking into account the sectors of stakeholders listed in subsection (3)(b);
(e) if the Minister is not satisfied that the recommendations of the panel comply with subsection (3) the Minister may request the panel to review its recommendations and make new ones;
(f) the Minister must appoint the members of the Board, and publish the names of those appointed in the Gazette;
(g) the Minister must appoint the Chairperson of the Board from among the names recommended by the panel.


(a) The Board, when viewed collectively, must be broadly representative of the demographics of the country, including having regard to gender and disability.
(b) Sectors of stakeholders contemplated in subsection (2)(d) are—
(i) The existing Domain Name community;
(ii) Academic and legal sectors;
(iii) Science, technology and engineering sectors;
(iv) Labour;
(v) Business and the private sector;
(vi) Culture and language;
(vii) Public sector;
(viii) Internet user community.


(4) Directors must be persons who are committed to fairness, openness and accountability and to the objects of this Act.


(5) All directors serve in a part-time and non-executive capacity.


(6) Any vacancy on the Board must be filled in accordance with subsections (2) and (3).