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(1) The Minister may prescribe minimum standards or prohibitions in respect of—
(a) the general management of critical databases;
(b) access to, transfer and control of critical databases;
(c) infrastructural or procedural rules and requirements for securing the integrity and authenticity of critical data;
(d) procedures and technological methods to be used in the storage or archiving of critical databases;
(e) disaster recovery plans in the event of loss of critical databases or parts thereof; and
(f) any other matter required for the adequate protection, management and control of critical databases.


(2) In respect of critical databases administered by public bodies, all regulations contemplated in subsection (1) must be made in consultation with all members of the Cabinet affected by the provisions of this Chapter: Provided that the Minister must not record information contemplated in section 54(2) if that information could reasonably compromise—
(a) the security of such databases; or
(b) the physical safety of a person in control of the critical database.


(3) This Chapter must not be construed so as to prejudice the right of a public body to perform any function authorised in terms of any other law.