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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Chapter IX : Protection of Critical Databases

54. Registration of critical databases


(1) The Minister may by notice in the Gazette determine—
(a) requirements for the registration of critical databases with the Department or such other body as the Minister may specify;
(b) procedures to be followed for registration; and
(c) any other matter relating to registration.


(2) For purposes of this Chapter, registration of a critical database means recording the following information in a register maintained by the Department or by such other body as the Minister may specify—
(a) The full name, address and contact details of the critical database administrator;
(b) the location of the critical database, including the locations of component parts thereof where a critical database is not stored at a single location; and
(c) a general description of the categories or types of information stored in the critical database excluding the contents of such critical database.