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Tourism Act 1993 (Act No. 72 of 1993)

Regulations pertaining to Tourist Guides

2. Register of tourist guides



Details of tourist guides to be recorded in the register referred to in section 20(2) of the Act are the following:

a) Surname;
b) christian names;
c) sex;
d) marital status;
e) identity number (where applicable);
f) work permit (where applicable);
g) date of birth;
h) nationality;
i) postal address (both business and residential);
j) telephone number (both business and residential):
k) fax number (both business and residential);
l) first language;
m) other languages conversant with (also sign language);
n) academic qualifications;
o) special skills or knowledge;
p) class of tourist guide in which registered;
q) local area or areas, region or regions of specialised area or matters in respect of which guide is registered.