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Tourism Act 1993 (Act No. 72 of 1993)

Regulations in respect of Tourist Guides

2. The national register of tourist guides



1) The register of tourist guides referred to in section 21(2)(a) of the Act must contain the following:
a) Province of residence;
b) tourist guide number;
c) title;
d) surname;
e) first names;
f) gender;
g) date of birth;
h) identity number (where applicable);
i) particulars of permanent residence permit or work permit (where applicable);
j) nationality;
k) postal address (both business and residential);
l) telephone number (both business and residential);
m) fax number (both business and residential);
n) email address (if applicable);
o) website (if applicable);
p) first language;
q) other languages conversant with (also sign language);
r) national qualifications and competencies;
s) special skills or knowledge;
t) practical experience
u) any field of specialization referred to in regulation 3(4);
v) code of driver's license; and
w) any endorsement referred to in section 21 E(8) and 21F(8) the Act and regulation 7.


2) The Data form in respect of the above must, in all material respects, be substantially similar to the form in Annexure F, and must be forwarded to the National Registrar of Tourist Guides together with the THETA qualification and a copy of the first aid certificate for entry into the national database.