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Tourism Act, 1993 (Act No. 72 of 1993)

20. Registration of tourist guides, classes of tourist guides, and disqualifications and qualifications of tourist guides



1) The board shall designate an employee of the board as Registrar of Tourist Guides, who shall exercise such powers, perform such functions and carry out such duties as may be conferred upon, assigned to or imposed upon him in terms of this Act,


2) The registrar shall keep a register of tourist guides and shall record in such register the prescribed particulars with regard to tourist guides.


3) The board shall for the purposes of this Act determine the different classes of tourist guides.


4) No person shall be registered as a tourist guide in terms of this Act unless he, when he appears as required by section 21(3), shows that he has the requisite knowledge of the matters specified in subsection (5).


5) The knowledge contemplated in subsection (4) shall relate to the history, geography, fauna, flora, climate, availability of medical and emergency services, background and culture of the different peoples, infrastructure of the tourism industry and the economic circumstances in and of the geographical area in question.


6) In order to be registered as a specialist tourist guide in respect of any area or matter the person applying for such registration shall possess specialized knowledge, to the satisfaction of the registrar, of the area or matter to which the application relates.