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Tourism Act, 1993 (Act No. 72 of 1993)

1. Definitions



In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates


"accommodation establishment"

means any place in or upon which the business of providing accommodation with or without meals is conducted for gain;



means the South African Tourism Board mentioned in section 2;



means a committee mentioned in section 9;



means the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism;


"financial year"

means the period from 1 April in any year to 31 March in the ensuing year;



in relation to any accommodation establishment, means the depictions, signs and symbols which by themselves or in conjunction with one another, and together with the emblem of the board, indicate the grading which has been awarded, in terms of the scheme mentioned in section 18, in respect of the establishment, the category to which the establishment belongs and the nature of the services and facilities offered and provided by the establishment, and which makes known the fact that the board has awarded the grading;



means the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism;



means prescribe by regulation;


"this Act"

includes any regulation made under section 26;


"tourism industry"

means the organized industry which is concerned with the promotion and handling of tours to and in the Republic, and the provision of services and facilities to and the provision for the needs of persons who undertake such tours, in the preparation for such tours, while they are under way and during their stay at their destinations;


"tourist guide"

means any person who for reward, whether monetary or otherwise, accompanies any person who travels within or visits any place within the Republic and who furnishes such person with information or comments with regard to any matter.


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