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The South African National Roads Agency Limited and National Roads Act, 1998 (Act No. 7 of 1998)

Chapter 2 : Governance and Staffing of Agency

14. Vacancies in Board



(1) An appointed member of the Board vacates office—
(a) in the case of resignation, when the member’s resignation takes effect;
(b) when, in terms of the Companies Act, the member has become disqualified to serve as a director of a company;
(c) in the case of a member representing the Department of Finance, when that Department has requested the Minister in writing to substitute another representative for its serving representative on the Board.


(2) The Minister may remove any appointed member of the Board from office—
(a) for misconduct;
(b) for failing to perform the duties of a member or to perform them diligently and efficiently;
(c) if, because of any physical or mental illness or disability, the member has become incapable of performing a member’s duties or performing them efficiently;
(d) for being absent from three consecutive meetings of the Board without the chairperson’s permission and without good reason.


(a) A vacancy in the office of an appointed member must be filled by the Minister, as soon as possible, through the appointment of another member who meets the requirements stipulated in section 12(3) for the office that has become vacant.
(b) A member appointed in terms of paragraph (a) holds office for the unexpired portion of the predecessor’s term of office.