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Share Blocks Control Act 1980 (Act No. 59 of 1980)

Schedule 1 - (Section 8 (3))

5. Registrar to be furnished with proof of certain matters


A company shall not, pursuant to any resolution contemplated in item 2(1)—

(a) apply for the approval of a development scheme in relation to any property in respect of which it operates a share block scheme; or
(b) take any steps to effect the opening of the sectional title register referred to in item 1,

unless it has in the prescribed manner lodged with the Registrar proof, in so far as it may be appropriate, that-

(i) the notices contemplated in item 2(3) have been dispatched;
(ii) no valid objection was, pursuant to such notices, lodged with the company in terms of the provisions of item 3;
(iii) all valid objections so lodged are under the provisions of item 3(4) deemed to be removed;
(iv) the court has, in terms of item 3(5)(b), refused all applications under item 3(3);
(v) the company has complied with the provisions of any order under item 3(5)(b) or (c);
(vi) no proceedings pursuant to any such applicant are pending in any court;
(vii) the mortgagee has undertaken in writing to grant the consent contemplated in section 5(3)(b) of the Sectional Titles Act, or the company has made arrangements as contemplated in item 4(2).