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Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009 (Act No. 6 of 2009)


Regulations for Dealers and Recyclers, 2012

8. Records by dealers


(1) Subject to the provisions of Regulation 9, the register contemplated in section 21(1) of the Act must essentially be in the form and contain the particulars as set out in Annexure "B" to these Regulations.


(2) Where a dealer or recycler keeps any register in an electronic format, that dealer or recycler must ensure that an inspecting police official may inspect such register through access to the software program with which such electronic register is kept.


(3) Where a dealer or recycler keeps registers in an electronic format and in the event of an inspection by a police official in terms of section 28(1) of the Act, the dealer, recycler, owner, employee or person in charge of the premises must—
(a) provide the police official inspecting the register with-
(i) the most recent certificate contemplated in section 28(4)(b)(ii) of the Act; and
(ii) a compact disk or other similar storage device with an electronic copy of or extract from the register reflecting all transactions since the most recent certificate contemplated in (i); and
(b) comply with any reasonable request from such police official to produce a printout of or an extract from the register which reflects the stock that dealer or recycler has on hand at the premises in question.