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Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009 (Act No. 6 of 2009)

Chapter 8 : Powers of Police Official

28. Routine inspections


1) A police official may, during times when business activity in respect of second-hand goods is taking place, enter the premises of any registered dealer in order to investigate compliance with this Act and require the dealer, owner, an employee or the person in control of the premises to—
a) produce the certificate of registration relating to that premises for inspection;
b) produce any register, record, book or other document relating to the goods in or on the premises for inspection or for the purposes of obtaining copies thereof or extracts therefrom;
c) produce any goods found in or on such premises for examination; or
d) explain any entry or absence of any entry in any register, book, record or document found therein or thereon.


2) If, upon any inspection, a police official discovers that any method of dealing, recording of transactions in registers or storage that is being used is in contravention of this Act, the police official may—
a) demand immediate discontinuation of the method; and
b) afford the dealer a period of no more than seven days to rectify such method in order to ensure compliance with the Act.


3) The dealer, owner, employee or person in charge of premises contemplated in subsection (1) must assist the police official in the performance of his or her functions under this Act.


a) A police official must conduct at least one comprehensive annual inspection of each registered premises, during which the records contemplated in section 21(1) must be examined.
b) On each occasion when a police official inspects a register in terms of subsection (1)(b), such police official must—
i) sign his or her name immediately after the last entry in that register, and append his or her number and rank and the date on which the inspection was conducted; or
ii) certify in the manner that the National Commissioner may from time to time direct, that the records were inspected.