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Performing Animals Protection Act, 1935 (Act No. 24 of 1935)

4. Right of entry


In addition to the powers conferred by any other law any police officer may—

(a) at any reasonable time enter upon any premises or place in which animals are maintained or kept or confined for the purposes of exhibition or of being trained, or of being transported or in which animals used for safeguarding are maintained, kept, confined or conveyed ;
(b) inspect any such animals, premises, places or vehicles and may fully enquire into the measures and methods by which such animals are controlled, restrained,  trained or used and the course of feeding of such animals; and
(c) during any exhibition of trained animals, or during the use of animals for safeguarding, or at any other time, enter upon any premises, place or vehicle or portion thereof used in connection with such exhibition or use in order to inspect such premises, place or vehicle, the animals present therein and the conditions under which such animals  are are maintained, controlled and fed during such exhibition or use and at other times.


[Section 4 substituted  by section 4 of Act No. 4 of 2016]