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Performing Animals Protection Act, 1935 (Act No. 24 of 1935)

3N. Appeal Board, composition and membership


(1) The Minister may constitute a board known as the Appeal Board to investigate and consider any appeal referred to it in terms of section 3O(1).


(2) The Board must consist of at least three members appointed by the Minister, of whom—
(a) one person must be appointed on account of his or her knowledge in the relevant fields of the law; and
(b) two or more persons must have expert knowledge of the subject of the appeal.


(3) The person referred to in subsection 2(a) must be designated as the chairperson.


(4) The remuneration of a member of the Board must be prescribed.


(5) Any person appointed in terms of subsection (2) must recuse himself or herself as a member of the Board if he or she has any direct or indirect personal interest in the outcome of the appeal.


[Section 3N inserted by section 3 of Act No. 4 of 2016]