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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) Permit Regulations

Chapter XI : Procedure for Consultation regarding Burial Grounds and Graves (Section 36(5))

39. Identification procedure


(1) The applicant must make a concerted effort to identify the descendants and family members of the persons buried in and/or any other person or community by tradition concerned with such grave or burial ground by—
(a) archival and documentary research regarding the origin of the grave or burial ground;
(b) direct consultation with local community organisations and/or members;
(c) the erection for at least 60 days of a notice at the grave or burial ground, displaying, in all the official languages of the province concerned, information about the proposals affecting the site, the telephone number and address at which the applicant can be contacted by any interested person and the date by which contact must be made, which must be at least seven days after the end of the period of erection of the notice; and
(d) advertising in the local press.


(2) The applicant must keep records of the actions undertaken under subregulation (1), including the names and contact details of all persons and organisations contacted and their response, and a copy of such records must be submitted to the provincial heritage resources authority with the application.