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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) Permit Regulations

Chapter IV : Application for Permit : Archaeological or Palaeontological Site or Meteoriate (Section 34(4))

16. Submission of reports


(1) Every permit holder for archaeological work is required to submit to SAHRA an annual progress report with a diagram showing where material was collected or where excavations were placed at the site, a brief description of the work done during the year and the name of the institution curating the material.


(2) Every permit holder for the collection of meteorites or palaeontological work is required to submit to SAHRA an annual report listing the name and geographical location of sites from which meteorites or fossils were collected during the year, together with a brief description of the specimens recovered and the name of the institution curating them.


(3) Within one year of the expiry of a permit, the permit holder must submit to SAHRA a systematic report concerning the excavation or removal, containing the information and illustrations detailed in regulation 13, as well as—
(a) a copy of the relevant section of a 1:50 000 or larger scale map with the site marked on it;
(b) a detailed plan of the site on which the excavated or collected areas are clearly indicated;
(c) accurate scale drawings of the stratigraphy in each excavation or, in the case of palaeontological sites or meteorites, with notes detailing the position of the object(s) in relation to the stratigraphy;
(d) a description or table of the object(s) excavated or removed;
(e) a written summary of the work done and the conclusions reached, illustrated with photographs wherever possible;
(f) a statement that a site record form has been submitted to the relevant regional archaeological or palaeontological data recording centre;
(g) the name and address of the person or institution in whose possession or custody the objects and complete records have been placed and, if possible, a receipt furnished by such person or institution.