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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


Regulations in terms of Section 59

Chapter II : Appointment of South African Heritage Resources Agency Council (Section 14)

2. Appointment of Council Members


(1) South African citizens are eligible for appointment to the Council.


(2) The following persons shall be appointed as the nine members of the Council representing each of the provinces of South Africa:
(a) the chairperson of, or other representative nominated by, the council of each provincial heritage authority; or
(b) in the event that such a council does not exist in a province, a relevant official in the Provincial Directorate responsible for heritage nominated by the MEC.


(3) At least 30 days before the date of appointment of the Council, the public and interested parties will, by means of notices in at least three national newspapers and by any other means deemed appropriate, be invited to nominate additional members of the Council.


(4) Nominations under subregulations 2(2) and (3) above must be received at least 14 days before the date of appointment of the Council and must be accompanied by the curriculum vitae and, in the case of public nominations, the consent of the nominee.


(5) Members will be appointed from nominees with due regard to the criteria in section 14(2) of the Act and the desirability of having a board range of experience, expertise and skills on the Council, inter alia in the fields of archaeology, architecture, Amasiko, financial management, law, palaeontology, shipwrecks, social history, victims of conflict and urban planning.


(6) The names of all appointed members will be published in the Government Gazette.


(7) The period of appointment of each member of the Council will be specified, taking into account the desirability of a balance between continuity of experience from one term of the Council's office to the next, and change in representation.