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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


Regulations in accordance with the Provisions of Section 9

Chapter II

5. Manner of Reporting on Maintenance and Development


5.1 State Department and Supported Bodies shall report to SAHRA on development and maintenance of heritage resources in writing and annually.


5.2 The reports referred to in 5.1 shall be filed with the office of the Chief Executive Officer of SAHRA and shall also be uploaded on the South Africa Heritage Resources Information System and the reports shall include the following:
5.2.1 A discussion on the conditions which necessitated the need for maintenance including, but not limited to: wall collapse, vegetation growth, graffiti, vandalism, fire, accidental damage, general wear-and-tear);
5.2.2 What the proposed maintenance entailed in terms of equipment and methods used;
5.2.3 A confirmation that a permit, if required by the Act, was issued;
5.2.4 Details of the person(s) that conducted the maintenance work was, this shall include their previous experience (if any), the number of people present on site and who was monitoring the maintenance work;
5.2.5 Period during which the maintenance was conducted (date initiated and date completed);
5.2.6 Discuss the measures in place (if any) to ensure future protection of the heritage resource;
5.2.7 A report on the number of objects or any other heritage resources disposed of as well as heritage resources that were saved from disposal, the report shall include their location and status.