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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)


Declaration of Types of Heritage Objects


Notice No. 1313

25 October 2002



In terms of section 32 (5) (b) (i) of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999), and its definitions in section 2, the South African Heritage Resources Agency hereby declares the list of heritage objects, as fully described below, to the types of heritage objects that are deemed protected in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act and for which a permit in terms of the said Act is required to export from the country:




1) Any archaelogical artefact, palaeontological and rare geological specimens and melcorites found in South Africa and its; territorial waters and maritime cultural zone;
2) antiquities such as coins, utensils, pottery, jewellery, seals, weapons (including, firearms) tools and inscriptions that have been in South Africa for more than 100 years;
3) original fabric removed from South African historical buildings;
4) South African ethnographic art and objects;
5) items relating to South African history, including the history of science and technology, military and social history, as well as to the life of peoples and national leaders, thinkers, scientists and artists and to events of national importance;
6) South African items of artistic interest that have been in South African for 50 years or more, including-
a) paintings and drawings produced by hand on and in any material;
b) original prints, posters and photographs, as the media for creative activity;
c) original artistic assemblages and montages in any material;
d) works of statuary art and sculpture in general;
e) works of applied art in such materials as glass, ceramics, metal and wood; and
f) objects of ritualistic and symbolic significance and personal adornment such as beads, leather or metalwork;
7) South African items of numismatic (medals and coins) and philatelic (stamps and cancellations) interest that have been in South Africa for more than 100 years;
8) manuscripts, books, documents or publications or special interest to South African history and culture that have been in South Africa for 50 years or more; or that are otherwise deemed of special interest and importance to South African heritage as recommended by the National Archives Advisory Council;
9) South African archives, including written records, maps and other cartographic materials, prints, photographs, cinematographic films, sound recordings and machine-readable records that have been in South Africa for more than 50 years, or that are listed in the national registers of manuscripts, photographs, audio-visual material on oral sources;
10) South African furniture, tapestries, carpets, items of dress and musical instruments older than 100 years; and
11) South African zoological, botanical and geological specimens that have been in South Africa for more than 100 years.
12) The above exclude any object made by any living person.