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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)


Declaration of the gravesite of Magrieta Jantjies, Kameelboom Cemetary, Upington, Northern Cape as a National Heritage Site


Notice No. 1358

18 December 2020

GG 44003


Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

South African Heritage Resources Agency


By virtue of the powers vested in the South African Heritage Resources Agency, in terms of section 27(5) of the National Heritage Resources Act (No. 25 of 1999), SAHRA hereby declares the gravesite of Magrieta “Hlabi” Jantjies, Kameelboom Cemetery; Upington as a National Heritage Site.


Statement of Significance

“Language contributes to a community’s sense of place, identity, and social practices. Thus, memorialisation of the grave of Magrieta “Hlabi” Jantjties brings into focus a diminishing community’s culture and sense of place. The inscription of the N\uu Language on a grave of one the last community members to speak the language (the first in the country) was a milestone in contributing to restoring to the N\uu. In its discussion of the N\uu, the UNESCO notes, “A lost language is not only lost cultural heritage, it is also lost traditional knowledge, such as precious knowledge about medicinal herbs or local species or environment. Thus, with each language that disappears, humanity is impoverished in manifold ways.”1


The grave of Magrieta “Hlabi” Jantjies, is, therefore, both of historic and social importance to not just the Khoisan community, but to the South African community as a whole. As one of the last speakers her grave brings into the public consciousness important aspects about the South African past. The near extinction of the language speaks to the legacy of colonialism and apartheid, of land dispossession, coerced assimilation, forced labour, neglect and migration amongst others. The extinction of the language in a democratic dispensation as a lived community experience, further reflects the depth of this legacy. While fragments of the N\uu language are in the process of being recovered, several words from its vocabulary have been lost thus extinguishing part of the richness and diversity of our heritage tapestry. Thus, her grave is of cultural significance as it foregrounds a forgotten aspect of South African history.”



The demarcation of the site is as follows:


Site Name

Grave Number





Local Municipality

District Municipality

Grave site of Magrieta “Hlabi” Jantjies

Block MM

Row K Grave

Number 29

Kameelboom Cemetery


Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality

ZF Makgawu District Municipality

Northern Cape


Central Point Co-ordinates:





Central Point





1 The #Khomani Community of South Africa mourns one of the last N\uu language speakers, news/the_khomani_community_of_south_africa_mourns_one_of_the_las/ [Accessed 20 February 2020]