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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)

Chapter I : System for Management of National Heritage Resources

Part 1 : General Principles

7. Heritage assessment criteria and grading


(1) SAHRA, in consultation with the Minister and the MEC of every province, must by regulation establish a system of grading of places and objects which form part of the national estate, and which distinguishes between at least the categories—
(a) Grade I: Heritage resources with qualities so exceptional that they are of special national significance;
(b) Grade II: Heritage resources which, although forming part of the national estate, can be considered to have special qualities which make them significant within the context of a province or a region; and
(c) Grade III: Other heritage resources worthy of conservation,

and which prescribes heritage resources assessment criteria, consistent with the criteria set out in section 3(3), which must be used by a heritage resources authority or a local authority to assess the intrinsic, comparative and contextual significance of a heritage resource and the relative benefits and costs of its protection, so that the appropriate level of grading of the resource and the consequent responsibility for its management may be allocated in terms of section 8.


(2) A heritage resources authority may prescribe detailed heritage assessment criteria, consistent with the criteria set out in section 3(3), for the assessment of Grade II and Grade III heritage resources in a province.