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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)

Chapter II : Protection and Management of Heritage Resources

Part 3 : Management

40. National heritage resources assistance programme


(1) Subject to section 21, SAHRA may provide financial assistance in the form of a grant or a loan to an approved body or an individual for any project which contributes to the purpose, and is in accordance with the principles as prescribed.


(2) SAHRA must prescribe the procedures for applications for approval and granting of financial assistance and the criteria for the assessment of projects.


(3) A loan may be approved in such amount and subject to such terms and conditions as SAHRA determines: Provided that a loan must be—
(a) at the rate of interest for the time being fixed by the Minister, in consultation with the Minister of Finance; or
(b) if the Minister, in consultation with the Minister of Finance, so approves—
(i) at the rate of interest fixed by the Minister in respect of that loan; or
(ii) without interest.


(4) Any financial assistance in terms of this section is to be provided out of a fund reserved by SAHRA for this purpose, which shall be called the National Heritage Resources Fund.