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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)

Chapter II : Protection and Management of Heritage Resources

Part 3 : Management

39. Inventory of national estate


(1) For the purposes of the consolidation and co-ordination of information on heritage resources, SAHRA must compile and maintain an inventory of the national estate, which must be in the form of a data base of information on heritage resources which it considers to be worthy of conservation, including—
(a) all places and objects with which it and its predecessors have been involved;
(b) all places and objects protected through the publication of notices in the Gazette or Provincial Gazette, whether in terms of this Act or provincial legislation;
(c) places and objects subject to general protections in terms of this Act or provincial legislation for the management of heritage resources; and
(d) any other place and object which it considers to be of interest,

and for this purpose it must co-ordinate, and may prescribe, national standards for the recording of information by provincial heritage authorities.


(2) Heritage resources must be listed in the inventory in the format and under the categories prescribed by SAHRA.


(3) SAHRA may from time to time, after consultation with the relevant provincial heritage resources authority and the local authority concerned, make, amend or delete entries in the inventory: Provided that—
(a) all places listed in any heritage register must be entered in the inventory;
(b) a local authority must inform SAHRA on the destruction of a place listed in a heritage register, whereupon SAHRA must record such destruction in the inventory.


(4) A provincial heritage resources authority must, within 30 days of the listing of a heritage resource in a heritage register or the amendment or deletion of an entry, notify SAHRA and provide details of the listing, amendment or deletion.


(5) A provincial heritage resources authority must, at regular intervals in the manner prescribed by SAHRA, provide SAHRA with any information about heritage resources in the province which would increase the volume and detail of information held in the inventory.


(6) Any person has access to the inventory at the offices of SAHRA: Provided that information may be withheld if its disclosure may impact negatively on the privacy or economic interests of the owner or any person with an interest in a property, or a potential investor, or on the continued conservation of a heritage resource.


(7) must at regular intervals, publish a summary and analysis of the inventory of the national estate.