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National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act No. 103 of 1977)


Notice No. 1211 of 1977


1. Definitions

2. Application of Act

3. Duties of draftsmen of plans, specifications, documents and diagrams

4. Approval by local authorities of applications in respect of erection of buildings

5. Appointment of building control officer by local authority

6. Functions of building control officers

7. Approval by local authorities in respect of erection of buildings

8. Power of court in respect of approval by local authorities

9. Appeal against decision of local authority

11. Erection of buildings subject to time limit

10. Erection of buildings in certain circumstances subject to prohibition or conditions

12. Demolition or alteration of certain buildings

13. Exemption of buildings from national building regulations and authorization for erection thereof

14. Certificates of occupancy in respect of buildings

15. Entry by building control officers and certain other persons of certain buildings and land

16. Report on adequacy of certain measures and on certain building projects

17. National building regulations and directives

18. Deviation and exemption from national building regulations

19. Prohibition on use of certain methods or materials

20. Regulations

21. Order in respect of erection and demolition of buildings

22. Power of local authorities relating to rates, taxes, fees and other moneys

23. Exemption from liability

24. General penalty clause

25. Presumption

26. Payment of certain moneys to local authorities

27. Powers of Minister in respect of certain local authorities

28. Delegations of powers

29. Repeal of laws

30. [Repealed]

31. Repeal of section 14bis of Act 33 of 1962, as inserted by section 4 of Act 72 of 1964

32. [Repealed]

33. [Repealed]

34. Short title and commencement