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Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003)


Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations, 2005

Chapter 2: Framework for Supply Chain Management Policies

Part 2: Acquisition management

36. Deviation from, and ratification of minor breaches of, procurement processes


(1) A supply chain management policy may allow the accounting officer—
(a) to dispense with the official procurement processes established by the policy and to procure any required goods or services through any convenient process, which may include direct negotiations, but only—
(i) in an emergency;
(ii) if such goods or services are produced or available from a single provider only;
(iii) for the acquisition of special works of art or historical objects where specifications are difficult to compile;
(iv) acquisition of animals for zoos; or
(v) in any other exceptional case where it is impractical or impossible to follow the official procurement processes; and
(b) to ratify any minor breaches of the procurement processes by an official or committee acting in terms of delegated powers or duties which are purely of a technical nature.


(2) The accounting officer must record the reasons for any deviations in terms of subregulation (1)(a) and (b) and report them to the next meeting of the council, or board of directors in the case of a municipal entity, and include as a note to the annual financial statements.


(3) Subregulation (2) does not apply to the procurement of goods and services contemplated in regulation 11(2).